The Year of Clean Air – AQD 101 Webinar Series is a monthly webinar that will focus on specific topics associated with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Air Quality Division (AQD) and its associated programs. AQD staff handles a variety of very specialized parts of keeping Michigan’s air clean and safe for our state’s residents. Air quality has improved dramatically in the state since we began to manage and regulate what is allowed to enter our air 50 years ago. The webinars will feature firsthand experience from a variety of AQD staff members from Lansing and the field, representing the multiple facets of AQD’s various programs.

February 24, 2016

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Stack Testing: What is it and why is it necessary?

Sometimes emissions from certain industrial processes and/or the efficiency of process control equipment need to be verified. The way this is completed is through various types of stack testing. AQD has dedicated staff that attends and observes stack tests across the state to ensure the validity of the test being conducted. If you have ever wondered how exactly stack testing is done, or if you are interested in why stack testing may or may not be necessary – then you will definitely enjoy hearing this first-hand perspective from one of our resident stack testing staff.

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March 16

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Air Monitoring: History and Rationale

Were you aware that the AQD watches emissions of certain types of air contaminants through a network of locations all over the state? This network consists of meteorological, gaseous, particle and air toxics monitors. The information gathered is used to provide the public with real-time air quality measurements, track air quality trends and to assist in the development of air pollution abatement strategies. This webinar will give a detailed look into how monitoring is done and how AQD uses the collected data. Anyone that has ever wanted to get a little more insight into this topic will want to take the time to listen in to this webinar.

April, 2016 – Dust: Fugitive Dust Regulations and Fugitive Dust Plans

May, 2016 – Enforcement: I received a Violation Notice. Now what?

June, 2016 – Complaints: Odors, Open burning, and Dust – Oh my!

July, 2016 – Year of Clean Air Wrap Up

Please join the state’s dedicated AQD staff as they take you through some of the nuances of our program and give you a broad overview of what we do to serve our state’s residents. Be part of AQD’s efforts as we celebrate our progress, engage the present and plan for the future.

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