DEQ Sustainability Webinar Series

The DEQ Pollution Prevention and Stewardship Unit proudly presents this series of webinars produced in partnership with our voluntary partners. This series is intended to promote meaningful engagement with our current and future customers around the topic of business sustainability.

The Business of Sustainability

February 18
2:00 – 3:00 PM

The Business of Sustainability webinar will explore the interrelationship between stakeholder preferences, business leadership and environmental regulations and how these drivers can affect sustainable business practices.

Consumers increasingly support responsible corporate behavior with their purchasing power, while companies also work to provide products that meet the social needs of the consumer at an affordable cost.

In order to meet consumer demand, control environmental impact, and foster positive social engagement, corporations are establishing a new unofficial code of conduct that values the internalization of social and environmental impacts. Delivering upon this new code requires a massive cultural shift in how businesses operate.  Successful companies must deftly manage under shifting expectations and be increasingly concerned with the conduct of their integrated business partners.

This webinar will examine case studies and trends to illustrate how these factors are helping to advance society toward a safer and more sustainable future through business practices. Presenters include Natalie Pryde, Principal Scientist with T and M Associates, and Maryann Sanders, Sr. Regulatory Compliance Specialist with Haley & Aldrich, Inc.

This webinar is geared to professionals tasked in developing business sustainability programs as well as research & development staff or project managers creating new products or processes.

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Ms. Pryde, Principal Scientist with T and M Associates, has worked in both industry and environmental health and safety compliance services for over 25 years.  She has considerable experience integrating compliance programs at many organizational levels and jurisdictional boundaries in the areas of environmental, health and safety, dangerous goods transportation, and product regulations.  Her experience includes participation in three Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Industry Working Groups, support of green chemistry and engineering programs, and business advisory services with regard to product stewardship and waste minimization.  In addition, she has developed training and guidance documents for multiple facilities around the world.  She is passionate about supporting and promoting sustainability practices and is recognized for her ability to develop policies, programs, guidance, and training for employees at all levels.


Ms. Maryann Sanders, Sr. Regulatory Compliance Specialist with Haley & Aldrich, Inc., has been providing her expertise in the areas of microbiology, toxicology, and regulatory compliance for more than 30 years.  Her expertise in regulatory compliance, toxicology, and microbiology have allowed her to assist various companies in meeting global regulatory compliance obligations, managing internal standards and sustainability goals and meeting stakeholder expectations.  Ms. Sanders has provided expert testimony to the European Commission, worked directly with the US EPA and FDA on behalf of clients to mitigate compliance issues, and developed innovative scientific solutions allowing companies to get their products to market not only meeting increasing complex regulatory requirements but addressing other non-regulatory drivers.

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March 17, 2016
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Creating a Culture of Sustainability

Creating a culture of sustainability can seem like a daunting task. This webinar will offer a structure to integrate sustainability within your organization and a pathway to begin your journey towards sustainability or to further the efforts you already have in place. Topics will include integration within your business plan and vision, the importance of goals and reporting, employee engagement, and accountability.  This webinar is geared towards small business leaders and professionals who are looking for opportunities to cultivate a culture of sustainability within their business.  A culture change is not just a directive from management but a true bottom up, top down approach to sustainable operations including influencing customer and supplier behavior.

April 2016
Energy Audit/Conservation

May 2016
Water Audit/Conservation

June 2016
Waste Audit/Waste Reduction

July 2016
Green Chemistry 101, produced in partnership with Steelcase, Inc.

August 2016
Triple Zero

September 2016
Food Waste

October 2016
EMS/ISO 14001

November 2016
H2O Strategy/Green Infrastructure

January 2017
Triple Bottom Line

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