Electors Adopt Resolution Condemning Republican Legislators for Conduct in Lame Duck Session

LANSING — Michigan’s 16 presidential electors cast their votes for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden with Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer presiding. The electors also adopted the following resolution condemning Republican legislators for their conduct during the lame duck session:

Resolution on the Conduct of the 2012 Lame Duck Legislative Session

Whereas, the Michigan Legislature has failed to act on issues of importance to Michiganders for 22 months and has instead rushed ill-conceived bills through during the lame duck session when nearly one-fourth of Michigan House members will not return in January and have no accountability to voters; and

Whereas, the Michigan Legislature has subverted the Constitution and democracy in passing harmful and self-serving legislation when the Capitol was closed to the public, with little public input, without committee hearings, with little debate, during late-night sessions, and without even reading many of the bills or amendments; and

Whereas, the Michigan Legislature has passed last-minute legislation that will weaken the rights of workers and women, cut funding for public education and local public safety, disenfranchise voters, override local democratic control of cities and schools, and undermine the constitutional right of recall;

Now, therefore, be it resolved by the College of Electors, that we condemn the actions of Republicans in the Michigan Legislature in abdicating their responsibilities as elected officials, ignoring the Constitution, perverting democratic and legislative processes, disrespecting the will of the voters, and enacting legislation which will hurt many Michigan citizens.


Editor’s Note: Michigan’s 16 Democratic presidential electors for 2012 were:
Cindy Estrada – Elector at Large
Steve Cook – Elector at Large
Dorothy Johnson – 1st Congressional District
Marge Faville – 2nd Congressional District
Marion Vanderveen – 3rd Congressional District
Toni Sessoms – 4th Congressional District
Norwood Jewell – 5th Congressional District
Jess Minks – 6th Congressional District
Howard Pizzo – 7th Congressional District
Joanne Murphy – 8th Congressional District
Peggy Ciaramitaro – 9th Congressional District
James Winne – 10th Congressional District
Walter Sobczak – 11th Congressional District
Jane Ahern – 12th Congressional District
Hilliard Hampton – 13th Congressional District
Dorothy Burrell – 14th Congressional District

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