With Hundreds of Thousands Tuning In, Tea Party News Network Vows Continued Vigilance of Washington

WASHINGTON, D.C.- The Tea Party News Network (TPNN), on the heels of their launch seven days ago, today announced remarkable growth in traffic and online viewership. For TPNN’s initial broadcast on election night, the website received over 50,000 unique visits to TPNN.com, and more than 91,000 unique viewers to the live streaming video broadcast of their election coverage. With a partnership through the Rusty Humphries Show and the Talk Radio Network, TPNN’s election coverage reached hundreds of thousands of others on over 350 radio affiliates across the nation.

“We’re overwhelmed with the response we’ve received from tea party members. We knew there was demand for an online right-of-center news outlet that focuses on tea party news, but this exceeds our expectations,” said Todd Cefaratti, the editor and founder of TPNN. “We’re now more confident than ever there’s room for political coverage that comes from a place untainted by the liberal mainstream media, provided by the tea party, for the tea party.”

“There are a lot of so-called pundits and commentators in Washington and New York saying that the tea party is now irrelevant and blaming millions of proud tea party Americans for the election results,” said Scottie Nell Hughes, news director of TPNN. “If they knew the real strength of our movement, and they would come to a different conclusion. We’ve seen the strength through the demand for TPNN and we’re humbled by the comments from viewers and reader. We vow to keep up the momentum moving in to this important new year and to hold politicians accountable to the Constitution.

TPNN began providing live streaming video coverage of the election at 3pm on Tuesday. It was anchored from the Venetian Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, and broadcast online at http://www.tpnn.com. Coverage lasted until well past midnight, providing news and commentary on tea party election across the country, with correspondents at every major tea party race in the country for Ted Cruz to Mia Love. Partnering with the Talk Radio Network, TPNN coverage was anchored by top talk radio host Rusty Humphries and TPNN News Director Scottie Nell Hughes.

TPNN launched on November 1, 2012 with the goal of providing news and opinion to conservative activists without the filter of the mainstream media or political party establishments.

Source: Press Release – The Tea Party News Network

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