The Associated Press: “U.S. Employers Added Only 80,000 Jobs In June, A Third Straight Month Of Weak Hiring That Shows The Economy Is Struggling.” (Christopher S. Rugaber, “US Employers Add 80,000 Jobs As Economy Struggles,” The Associated Press, 7/6/12)

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd: “ That Makes The Second Quarter Of 2012 The Weakest In Terms Of Jobs Added In Two Years.” TODD: “The economy continues to stall. Another disappointing jobs report puts more pressure on the President with just four months until election day. Here are the numbers: just 80,000 jobs were added in June, leaving the unemployment number stuck at 8.2%. That makes the second quarter of 2012 the weakest in terms of jobs added in two years.” (MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown,” 7/6/12)

Barrons: “Disappointed Again: U.S. Adds 80,000 New Jobs In June.” (Michael Aneiro, “Disappointed Again: U.S. Adds 80,000 New Jobs In June,” Barrons , 7/6/12)

CNBC’s Mary Thompson: “ Overall These Numbers Are Very, Very Disappointing.” THOMPSON: “Of course, the underemployed figure, and this is important, the people who have been unemployed for more than six months actually ticked up as well. It rose to 14.9% in June from 14.8% during the month of May, so overall these numbers are very, very disappointing.” (MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” 7/6/12)

The Washington Post’s Neil Irwin: “Average Of 75k Jobs A Month Created Over Last 3 Months. Let’s Say It Like It Is: That Is Horrible Given 8.2% Unemployment.” (Neil Irwin, Twitter Feed, 7/6/12)

WaPo’s Ezra Klein: “Below Expectations. Below The Number Needed To Keep Up With Population Growth. Bad.” (Ezra Klein, Twitter Feed, 7/6/12)

Austan Goolsbee: “I Think These Numbers Largely Reflect That The Economy, Its Growth Has Slowed Down This Year Compared To Last Year.” GOOLSBEE: “Well, it’s in the realm of expectations. They were pretty week expectations. I think these numbers largely reflect that the economy, its growth has slowed down this year compared to last year.” (CNN’s “Starting Point,” 7/6/12)

  • Goolsbee: “The Trend For This Year Has Been In This Kind Of Meh, Middling Sort Of Range.” GOOLSBEE:“But the trend for this year has been in this kind of meh, middling sort of range, and that’s what you would expect when the economy is growing at the kind of rates it’s been growing.” (CNN’s “Starting Point,” 7/6/12)

CNN’s Poppy Harlow: 5.4 Million Americans, This Is Really Critical Soledad, Are Long-Term Unemployed.” “When you talk about the number of Americans unemployed, 12.7 million, that stays the same from the previous month. 5.4 million Americans, this is really critical Soledad, are long-term unemployed. That means they have been out of work for six months or longer. It is harder for them to find work. That didn’t get any better at all.” (CNN, 7/6/12)

Economist Nouriel Roubini: “Recession Risk Rising.” “Another – third in a row – dismal job report. Only 80k jobs added in June. US economy headed to a stall speed. Recession risk rising.” (Nouriel Roubini, Twitter Feed, 7/6/12)

Bloomberg’s Meghan Hughes: The Private Sector Is “Very Weak.” HUGHES: “80,000 jobs – 80,000 jobs, Betty, were added to the U.S. economy in June, below economists’ forecasts. So the unemployment rate – unchanged at 8.2%. Again, non-foreign payrolls 80,000 jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Breaking that down, private sector – 84,000 jobs. Government – we’re down 4,000 jobs. But that’s actually less than the bleed that we have seen in government. The private sector though, very weak.” (Bloomberg’s “In The Loop,” 7/6/12)

Reuters: “U.S. Employers Hired At A Dismal Pace In June.” “U.S. employers hired at a dismal pace in June, raising pressure on the Federal Reserve to do more to boost the economy and further imperiling President Barack Obama’s chances of reelection in November.” (Jason Lange, “U.S. Hiring Stuck In Low Gear In June,” Reuters, 7/6/12)

The Hill: “The Weak Figures Underscore Concerns About A Weak Labor Market.” “The weak figures underscore concerns about a weak labor market, and were slightly under the forecasts of some economists. The unemployment rate remained steady at 8.2 percent.” (Vicki Needham and Ian Swanson, “Economy Adds Just 80,000 Jobs; Unemployment Stuck At 8.2%,” The Hill’s On The Money,” 7/6/12)

The Wall Street Journal: “The Pace Of Factory Hiring Has Tailed Off.” “The pace of factory hiring has tailed off, though, to an average of 10,000 a month in the second quarter from 41,000 a month in the first.” (Jeffrey Sparshott and Eric Morath, “Jobs Data Indicate Slowing Growth,” The Wall Street Journal, 7/6/12)


The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza: “80k Jobs Added And Unemployment Rate Unchanged=Major Political Problem For Obama.” (Chris Cillizza, Twitter Feed, 7/6/12)

Fox News’ John Roberts: Obama’s “Got Some ‘Splainin To Do.” ROBERTS: “Brian, it’s not good for the President. He was hoping for at least 90,000. There was some indication it might even be more than 100,000 because of that private sector report that came out yesterday. 80,000, only 10,000 more than in the month of May. That is not good, particularly when you are traveling through battle ground states like Ohio and Pennsylvania touting your economic record. So as Desi Arnaz used to say, ‘he’s got ‘splainin to do,’ today touting his economic record but at the same time, very, very meager job creation for the month of June. Its gonna be a difficult day for him because it will allow Mitt Romney to come out full force and say, see? His economic plan is not working. You got to try mine.”(Fox News’ “Fox And Friends,” 7/6/12)

Politico: “The Dour News Is A Blow To President Barack Obama.” “The dour news is a blow to President Barack Obama, who is asking voters for a second term amid constant attacks from Mitt Romney over his handling of the economy.” (Patrick Reis, “Jobs Report: Only 80K Last Month,” Politico, 7/6/12)

CNN’s Poppy Harlow: “Not Good Numbers At All For The Obama Administration.” (CNN, 7/6/12)

The Hill: “The Economy Added 80,000 Jobs In June, A Figure That Will Add Anxiety To President Obama’s Campaign.” (Vicki Needham and Ian Swanson, “Economy Adds Just 80,000 Jobs; Unemployment Stuck At 8.2%,” The Hill’s On The Money,” 7/6/12)

  • The Hill: “ Obama Will Continue To Run With A Weak Economy Behind Him That Should Boost Republican Mitt Romney’s Efforts To Unseat Him.” “The negative report comes as President Obama is on a two-state bus trip through the swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania, where he is focused on the economy. Friday’s report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests Obama will continue to run with a weak economy behind him that should boost Republican Mitt Romney’s efforts to unseat him.” (Vicki Needham and Ian Swanson, “Economy Adds Just 80,000 Jobs; Unemployment Stuck At 8.2%,” The Hill’s On The Money ,” 7/6/12)

Politico’s Ben White: “80K Jobs Created In June; Unemployment Rate Stays 8.2. Not Good News For Obama.” (Ben White, Twitter Feed, 7/6/12)

CNBC’s Mary Thompson: “ These Numbers Certainly Could Have An Impact On Who Will Be The Next American President.” “Well Thomas, I think it’s important that you guys are talking about the American Presidency, because these numbers certainly could have an impact on who will be the next American President. The numbers are disappointing to say the least.” (MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” 7/6/12)

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