Novi, Michigan  – Michigan Filmmaker Michael Angelo Zervos plans to bring a personal story to the big screen. A film being shot and based in Michigan, PAPOU is a story about a wildly imaginative boy and his dying grandfather’s attempts to escape the clutches of death. “It’s a story that both children and adults alike will find entertaining for different reasons,” describes Zervos, “life and death are subjects that fascinate people of all ages.”

Zervos’ recent fundraiser, platformed on the creative financial donation site Kickstarter, continues to raise money. He has already exceeded his goal of $50,000 and hopes that the momentum continues. “Everything above and beyond our goal will allow us to give this film the marketing and distribution it deserves. The more capital we can raise to that end, the further we can take this movie once it’s shot. Regardless, finances have always been a downfall of independent films but we are glad that it won’t prove to be an obstacle on this production.” Zervos says.

Although this is Zervos’ first feature film as a director and producer, he has great experience in the industry. He also has surrounded himself with seasoned veterans such as his co-producers, Michael Sinanis and Christos Moisides. “I believe that Michael and Chris have both the creative and business wherewithal to take this film places that perhaps I would not be able to on my own,” Zervos states.

Currently attached is Emmy-nominated comedian and actor, Basile (Jimmy the Greek, 2009). He has several “name” actors that he is currently in talks with for lead roles but since they aren’t yet attached officially, he cannot mention specifics.

A strong advocate of the recent surge of Michigan-made films, Zervos is in the process of applying for approval through the Michigan Film and Digital Video Incentive program. He believes that if the incentive hadn’t been reinstated in its latest form, he wouldn’t be making the film at all. “The common perception is that Michigan doesn’t offer a competitive incentive for filmmakers to shoot in-state anymore. On the contrary, Michigan remains in the top ten best states to film in for monetary savings.”

Zervos believes “that Michigan has the resources at its disposal to host small and large-scale films alike. Throughout the last several months of pre-production, industry facilities and personnel have been helpful and professional. I want to see this state’s film production come back and I am ready to work to make it happen.”

Zervos is a recent graduate of Grand Valley State University. He is a fierce supporter of their program and believes that it “is one of, if not the, best schools for film in the state. Their program is certainly the most hands-on degree you can earn in Michigan. It’s important to know theory and history of cinema, but nothing can compare to picking up a camera and shooting a film.”

His company, Mother and Midwife Pictures, was formed in late August as a production company interested in telling intelligent and engaging stories. As president and founder, Zervos remains busy in the pre-production stages of development for PAPOU and is currently casting locally for many of his film’s roles. With a cast of over 40 actors needed, he is currently scouring Michigan for the right talent to fit his film.

Visit to find out more about the film and contact for information on local casting. Zervos’ project remains active to receive donations for two more weeks and can be found through his website.

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