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USGS Estimates 162 Billion Short Tons of Recoverable Coal in the Powder River Basin

New basin-wide assessment of recoverable resources and reserves The Powder River Basin of Wyoming and Montana contains about 162 billion short tons (BST) of recoverable coal from a total of 1.07 trillion short tons of in-place resources according to a new USGS assessment. This assessment also estimates that 25 BST of those resources are currently […]

Earthquake Catastrophes and Fatalities Projected to Rise in Populous 21st Century

MENLO PARK, Calif. — “Predicted population increases in this century can be expected to translate into more people dying from earthquakes. There will be more individual earthquakes with very large death tolls as well as more people dying during earthquakes than ever before, according to a newly published study led by U.S. Geological Survey engineering geologist Thomas […]

New Maps Provide Crucial Information for Water Managers

Long-Term U.S. Evapotranspiration Rates Mapped for the First Time RESTON, Va. — For the first time, U.S. Geological Survey scientists have mapped long-term average evapotranspiration rates across the continental United States – a crucial tool for water managers and planners because of the huge role evapotranspiration plays in water availability. Why are evapotranspiration rates so […]

Western Michigan University – Radio News Service Advisory – Global Warming Happening Faster Than Expected

Wrap, suggested lead: Scientists who warned of the dire consequences of global warming were right. But as Mark Schwerin reports, it’s happening even quicker than they thought. It’s all happening, just like they said it would. But the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere and its consequences, including more severe storms, drought and sea level rise, […]

Interior Prepares to Conduct Landsat 8 Scientific Programs After Successful Launch of Latest Earth-Observing Satellite

Secretary Salazar Says Interior-NASA Partnership Provides Model for New Strategy to Strengthen Science Education and Careers VANDENBERG AFB, CA – Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today joined NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden, Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Water and Science Anne Castle, United States Geological Survey (USGS) Director Dr. Marcia McNutt and other […]

U.S. Nonfuel Mineral Production Increases for Third Straight Year

Nonfuel mineral production values increased in the United States for the third consecutive year, up $1.7 billion since 2011, the U.S. Geological Survey announced today in its Mineral Commodity Summaries 2013.  The estimated value of mineral raw materials produced at mines in the United States in 2012 was $76.5 billion, a slight increase from $74.8 […]

World's Oldest-Known Wild Bird Hatches Another Chick

Editors: Pictures of Wisdom’s chick available online MIDWAY ATOLL — A Laysan albatross known as “Wisdom” – believed to be at least 62 years old – has hatched a chick on Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge for the sixth consecutive year. During the morning hours on Sunday, the chick was observed pipping its way into the world […]

Kansas and Oklahoma Lead Round 2

The release of new US Topo maps covering Kansas and Oklahoma usher in the second round of quadrangle revisions, updates and product improvement Last September the U.S. Geological Survey marked the important milestone of completing the initial round of US Topo map production for the 48 contiguous states. The agency is continuing to improve the […]

USGS-NOAA: Climate Change Impacts to U.S. Coasts Threaten Public Health, Safety and Economy

View looking west along the New Jersey shore. Storm waves and surge cut across the barrier island at Mantoloking, NJ, eroding a wide beach, destroying houses and roads, and depositing sand onto the island and into the back-bay. Construction crews with heavy machinery are seen clearing sand from roads and pushing sand seaward to build […]

2013 Gannett Award

Calling for nominations to honor outstanding accomplishments to the topographic mapping mission of the USGS If you have ever used a topographic map to find your way around a remote part of the country, or if you’ve ever noticed how geographic names reflect the history of the land and the culture of its inhabitants, you’ll […]

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