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Arming U.S. Troops with Insect-protective Gear

ARS scientists are devising, evaluating and improving application technologies, including sprayers of all shapes and sizes—hand held, backpack, truck mounted and thermal foggers to come up with the best ways of protecting military personnel from disease-transmitting insects like mosquitoes and sand flies. Click the image for more information about it. By Sandra Avant The U.S. […]

Beetle-infested Pine Trees Contribute to Air Pollution and Haze in Forests

Popular summer tourist destinations may ‘see’ the effects A lodgepole pine forest facing bark beetle infestation, which has far-reaching effects. Credit and Larger Version May 23, 2012 The hordes of bark beetles that have bored their way through more than six billion trees in the western United States and British Columbia since the 1990s do […]

Where Have All the Hummingbirds Gone?

Glacier lilies and broad-tailed hummingbirds out of sync Glacier lilies flower within days of snowmelt and are an important nectar resource. Credit and Larger Version May 30, 2012 The glacier lily as it’s called, is a tall, willowy plant that graces mountain meadows throughout western North America. It flowers early in spring, when the first bumblebees […]

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