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EIP: Hidden Climate Change Impact Of Shale Gas Boom Seen In 90+ New Industrial Plants Projected To Emit Greenhouse Gases Equal To 21 Coal-Fired Power Plants

“Tidal Wave” of Chemical, Fertilizer, Petroleum & Other Plants Unleashed by Cheap Gas from Fracking; TX and LA Top List of New “Major Source” Polluter Sites, Others Going to AK, AR, CO, FL, GA, IA, IN, KS, LA, MD, MI, MN, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT and WY. WASHINGTON, D.C. – […]

Center for Rural Affairs urges Rejection of Keystone XL Pipeline

The Center for Rural Affairs transmitted a letter to President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry urging the White House and State Department to reject the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. “Like the sign said in the picture ( (Preview) ) we sent along with the letter from our Board of Directors, oil […]

U.S. Crude Oil Production Expected To Exceed Oil Imports Later This Year

U.S. crude oil production is expected to surpass U.S. crude oil imports by the fourth quarter of this year. That would mark the first time since February 1995 that domestic crude oil output exceeds imports, according to the latest monthly energy outlook from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The United States will still need to […]

U.S. Diesel Fuel Price Forecast To Be 1 Penny Lower This Summer At $3.94 A Gallon

The retail price of diesel fuel is expected to average $3.94 a gallon during the summer driving season that which runs from April through September. That’s close to last summer’s pump price of $3.95, according to the latest monthly energy outlook from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Demand for distillate fuel, which includes diesel fuel, […]

U.S. Summer Gasoline Price To Average 6 Cents Lower Than Last Year At $3.63 A Gallon

U.S. consumers are expected to pay less for gasoline this summer compared to last year. The price for regular gasoline is expected to average $3.63 a gallon during the heavily traveled summer driving season that runs from April through September, according to the latest monthly energy outlook from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. That’s 6 […]

Syrian unrest threatens potential role as an energy transit country

Syria’s energy sector has been challenged since the onset of civil discord in March 2011, and it has been severely hindered by continuous fighting between government and opposition forces and the effects of international sanctions. Syria is not a major player in the global energy market, but due to its location has significant potential to […]

New electric generators typically come online at the start of summer or in December

Utilities and other electric power plant developers tend to bring their new generators into commercial operation at certain times of the year. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Ethanol producers respond to market conditions

Beginning in summer 2012, the prices of ethanol and corn reached levels where production costs at relatively simple ethanol plants exceeded revenue. These simple plants, which are not able to recover corn oil, make up a diminishing portion of the ethanol industry. Reacting to the market conditions, several ethanol plants temporarily shut down. By January […]

Saudi Arabia was world's largest petroleum producer and net exporter in 2012

Saudi Arabia was the world’s largest producer and exporter of petroleum and other liquids in 2012, producing an average of 11.6 million barrels per day (bbl/d) and exporting an estimated 8.6 million bbl/d (net). Saudi Arabia produces more than three times as much of these liquids as the next largest member of the Organization of […]

U.S. energy intensity projected to continue its steady decline through 2040

In the United States, energy intensity has been declining steadily since the early 1970s and continues to decline in EIA’s long-term projection. A country’s energy intensity is usually defined as energy consumption per unit of gross domestic product (GDP). Bookmark It Hide Sites

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