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Michigan Seniors Celebrate Social Security’s 78th Birthday and Release New Report

Metro Detroit—Today marks the 78th anniversary of Social Security, a program that has endured several wars and economic downturns and still provides every dollar of earned benefits on time and in full. On this occasion, the Michigan Alliance for Retired Americans released a report with Social Security Works and Strengthen Social Security outlining the significant […]

Detroit Retirees React to Orr’s ‘Dumb, Lazy, Rich and Happy’ Remark

NOON TODAY: Retiree Leaders Will Go to Orr’s Office to Demand an Apology and Respect Detroit, MI – Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr offended and insulted city retirees when he referred to Detroiters in a Wall Street Journal editorial as ‘dumb, lazy, happy and rich.’ A group of retirees will be at the Coleman Young City […]

Official Statement Regarding Fast Food Forward Protests

LANSING, MI – “The restaurant industry is an industry of opportunity.  Many have lived the American Dream by starting in entry level positions and eventually owning their own restaurants.  Proposals to more than double the minimum wage would dramatically increase menu prices and cost jobs.” – Michigan Restaurant Association President and CEO Brian DeBano Consider […]

Michigan Education Association Contract Critical List

Critical: Clarenceville paraprofessionals; 34 members; unit has been working on their first contract for three years; Jerry Haymond at 269-559-9725. East Lansing paraprofessionals; 60 members; contract expired June 30, 2012; Charles Richardson at 888-632-4232. Galesburg-Augusta teachers; 64 members; contract expired June 30, 2012; Ana Kinnison at 269-344-7428. Ionia paraprofessionals, secretaries and bus mechanics; 66 members; […]

Heartland Institute Legal, Economic Experts React to Michigan Right-to-Work Law

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder pledged to sign a bill as early as today that would make Michigan the 24th “right-to-work” state in the country. Among other things, the new law would end the requirement that workers pay union dues as a condition of employment. The following statements from legal and economic experts at The Heartland […]

“Right to Work” Supporter Billionaire Dick DeVos Has Long History of Abusing Workers’ Rights

DeVos Is Behind-the-Scenes Puppeteer in RTW Effort LANSING — With so-called “right to work” legislation awaiting final approval by Lansing Republicans and Gov. Rick Snyder, the Michigan Democratic Party today begins a series revealing the prime movers behind this unprecedented attack on Michigan workers and middle-class families. Press reports have placed responsibility for the lame-duck […]

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